How are your Community Battery credit payments calculated? Learn more here.

How are your community battery credit payments calculated?

Each day you can virtually store up to 10kWh of excess solar energy you export. You will receive credits for any stored solar energy against the electricity you use from the grid that day. This is measured by the smart measurement device (Droplet) installed at your home.

Your credits will vary according to your export and usage levels and your retail electricity plan. 

Daily settlement of storage credits against usage occurs at midnight each day. Storage is reset to zero for the following day.

Credits are paid by Ausgrid once per quarter. 

Your energy bill won’t change and you still receive your full solar feed in tariffs from your electricity retailer.


Ausgrid - How credits are caculated 

Credits example

A worked example is provided below.

Susan has a single rate electricity plan with her retailer and pays a flat rate of $0.25 per kWh for the electricity she uses from the grid, no matter what time of day, week or year she uses. She also, receives a solar Feed-in Tariff rate of $0.08 per kWh for electricity exported to the grid from her solar system. 
The table below shows how her credit payment rate is calculated.


Today, Susan exported 15 kWh to the grid, virtually storing 10 kWh (the cap). She used 21 kWh of electricity from the grid, meaning she used the full 10kWhs that she stored. Therefore, Susan’s community battery credit payment for today is $0.70.


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