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Access your SwitchDin account, payment information and support here.

My account

View real-time energy data and how much you’ve earnt. 

Ausgrid will contact you when your SwitchDin account access is initiated and Droplet can be installed.

How to download the app

To download your app, visit the

You can also access it online here. We recommend using Chrome.  

How do I use SwitchDin?

Your SwitchDin account allows you to see real time data of your:

  • energy use
  • solar generation
  • virtual community battery storage
  • and a break down of your community battery credit payments.

Get started with the user guide

View the SwitchDin User Guide describing the key features and how to use it. 

Set up your payment information

To receive your Community Battery credit payments, you need to link your nominated bank account to your SwitchDin account.   

Ausgrid partners with SwitchDin and Stripe (our payment software) for secure payments for the Community Battery Trial.  

To link your account:

  1. SwitchDin will email yoan invitation to set up your account
  2. From your desktop SwitchDin account, navigate to ‘payment information’ 
  3. Select ‘set up account’ (opens a new window in Stripe) 
  4. Follow the identity and bank account set up prompts 
  5. Contact us if you need support.

Community Battery Payment credits are issued quarterly (from the date the Droplet is installed).

Need help? Click here to get in contact with our team.